HOG Race

HOG RACE is a mud boar race at about 6 km with 14 obstacles. In addition to the race, HOG RACE also offers a competition for children as the main event. The goal is to involve children in sports in a fun way from an early age. HOG RACE is also a festival of active living. In addition to the adrenaline, there are special offers in the park – we have games for the bravest and most skillful! The stands offer a diverse offer. The festival is rich in music, and the “STAL PARTY” is especially popular – find out more at hograce.pg-geler.hr

Vuzmenka (Traditional Bonefire)

Every year on Holy Saturday before Easter we organize VUZMENKA (traditional Bonfire). It is a traditional big fire with which people gather and socialize. In addition, we always have a special program prepared, and yet it is most interesting when the children on the property are looking for hidden Easter eggs.

Memorial race Stjepan Koraj

Every year on the last Sunday in August, the Athletic Club Međimurje organizes a memorial race Stjepan Koraj on our property. Stjepan Koraj was the founder of long-distance running in Međimurje. It is a great honor that the club recognized us as a destination for such an event! Everyone can apply, from the youngest to the less willing who can walk through the nature park Bedekovićeva Graba. For those who are more prepared, there is a marked trail at about 12 km through the beautiful landscape.